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Vehicle & Equipment Finance

Your Equipment Finance Specialist at M&M Financial Services will help you access a wide range of competitive options from Australia’s leading lenders, whilst also ensuring fastest possible turnaround time.


Grow your business with confidence

Your business needs the right equipment to run smoothly and maximise profits. That might be kitchen equipment, company vehicles, or special machinery – it all depends on what your business does and what you need to do it.

Replacing, upgrading or purchasing new equipment can be costly, especially if you need to pay upfront. With equipment financing, you can use existing equipment or the equipment you want to purchase as collateral to get what you need, without hurting your bottom line.

Getting started

Do you qualify?

If you answer yes to all 3 questions below, get in touch. We can start your application for vehicle & equipment finance  today.

Equipment financing FAQs

A lender may require the following: a completed application form, signed privacy documents, a commitment schedule, details about the equipment (i.e. what it is and where it is being sourced), and financial information such as personal tax returns or cashflow forecasts.

This will largely come down to the lender’s requirements, along with other factors such as how long you’ve been self-employed, your credit history, and whether or not you can show sufficient proof of income.

Different lenders will have differing policies regarding what types of equipment or goods they are willing to finance. Generally, equipment that can be depreciated for business purposes are accepted.

Although this depends on the lender’s terms, many offer periods between 12 months to 60 months. It usually comes down to how expensive the equipment is, along with what its expected life will be.